Know the best hotels and casinos in Northern Cyprus

One of the best entertainments in North Cyprus is to visit its magnificent hotels and big and spectacular casinos.
Most of the casinos in North Cyprus are located in luxurious and five-star hotels in this area and are referred to as casino hotels.
Casinos are usually open from 12 noon to 6 am.

Some famous casinos in Northern Cyprus

  • Cratos Premium
  • Elexus Casino
  • Kaya Artemis
  • Salamis
  • Royal Merit
  • Merit Lefkosa
  • Arkin
  • Grand Pasha

Most of the casinos are located in Kyrenia, Lefkosha and Famagusta.

Are North Cyprus casinos suitable for families?

Yes, because they provide services for different people.
They provide facilities such as children’s games, swimming pools, shops and restaurants, water park and beach for families.

North Cyprus casino services and entertainment

North Cyprus casinos often provide a variety of services and entertainment for their visitors. Some of these services include:

Casino games:

There are various games such as poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, dice, sick boo, crabs and electronic games such as slots and video poker.


Most North Cyprus casinos offer restaurants with varied menus that are free for those who play.

Liquor bars:

North Cyprus casino bars offer a variety of drinks, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Luxury hotels:

Many North Cyprus casinos have luxury hotels that provide facilities such as swimming pools, saunas, jacuzzis, water parks and clubs.


Some North Cyprus casinos periodically hold concerts that visitors can enjoy.


Many North Cyprus casinos have shops that sell a variety of luxury goods, clothing, jewelry and souvenirs.

Minimum age to enter Northern Cyprus casinos

The minimum age to enter North Cyprus casinos depends on the rules of each casino.
Most of the casinos have set a minimum age of 21 years to enter the gaming hall.
which need to provide identification documents to enter.

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