Property Management
Dr. Fathi's team, with experienced and talented consultants, accompanies your loved ones in all stages of buying and selling real estate.
Investing in North Cyprus is one of the most profitable methods available for investors. You can get the necessary information from our consultants.
Bank transfers
Don't worry about making your bank transfers anymore. Dr. Fathi's team accompanies you in bank transfers, buying and selling of all common currencies of Northern Cyprus.
Business Development
Our goal is not only to sell property! Rather, we advise you on profitable ways of your business so that you can start your own business
Real estate pre-sale
You can benefit from many benefits by buying real estate in advance, for this you just need to contact our consultants.
Dr. Fathi's team, having experienced people, can help you in obtaining all kinds of residences in North Cyprus, such as: study visa, work visa, etc.
We are proud that with more than 12 years of experience in the fields of investment, buying and selling property in North Cyprus, Turkey and Iran, we can offer you the highest quality services.

Immigration, property purchase, company registration, traveling and studying abroad are topics that we are used to hearing these days, the big family of Dr. Fathi’s team is by your side to make this path easy for you. The goal of the team is to provide detailed information and complete advice, in line with your conditions and resume, and to draw the best immigration path ahead of you, which continues by providing complete services, all stages of obtaining admission for education, work, as well as the process of buying property, registering a company, etc. done and it will bring you a favorable future.

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