Useful information for buying property in North Cyprus

Where is Northern Cyprus?

The island of Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, which is located between the 3 continents of Africa, Europe and Asia.

Why buy property in North Cyprus?

  • Flexible and extraordinary payment terms
  • Easy accommodation conditions
  • Investment based on reliable and stable currency
  • Significant annual growth of property amount
  • No limit on the amount of the property to obtain residence
  • Security
  • Peace of mind

When can we apply for residence?

After paying the advance payment and signing the property contract.
Obtaining residence does not need to settle the total amount of the property.

Can we get the deed of our house after purchase?

All the documents in Northern Cyprus are permanently registered in the name of the buyer after the full payment of the house amount.
In the document, all the details of the property and even the amount of the buyer’s share of the land of the property are included and it is approved by the government.

Can we apply for Europe, America and Canada by staying in North Cyprus?

Yes, you show the documents of your property and financial ability to the said embassies that you have the ability to pay the living expenses in the secondary country, and in this way you can easily get a visa for European countries and other countries.

What happens to the purchased property in North Cyprus after the death of the buyer?

If the owner of the property dies in Cyprus, the property will be divided equally between the heirs, whether male or female.

Is Northern Cyprus safe?

Yes, Northern Cyprus is the fifth safest country in the world.

Is it possible to enter North Cyprus with a work visa?

The probability of getting a work visa without a previous visit to North Cyprus is very low.
Unless a person has a skill that requires his expertise.

Is the Turkish language necessary for business?

The official language of Northern Cyprus is Turkish, and mastering this language can help in effective interaction with society and successful business.
However, sometimes English is also used as a communication language.

Is Northern Cyprus touristic?

Yes, North Cyprus is an attractive and suitable tourist destination with its natural, historical and cultural attractions.

How is the hijab situation in North Cyprus?

Hijab in Northern Cyprus is not mandatory.
From women with full Islamic hijab to women without Islamic veil, they live a comfortable life together.

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