About Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus is an autonomous island located in the south of Turkey. The capital of this country, Nicosia, is the only common capital between two countries (North and South Cyprus) in the world. The official language of Northern Cyprus is Turkish Cypriot, but the people of this country are also familiar with Greek. Northern Cyprus is still not recognized by the European Union, and only Turkey and a number of countries that have political ties with it recognize this country as an independent country. The cost of living in Northern Cyprus is much lower than in the rest of Europe. This country is one of the safest countries in the world with an unemployment rate below 5%, which has increased immigration to North Cyprus and residence in North Cyprus.

The people of Northern Cyprus are Turks, the same language as Istanbul Turks, who speak Turkish Cypriot dialects of Istanbul Turkish. Northern Cyprus had a population of 285,356 people in the 2009 census. According to the latest census of 2017, the population of this country is 326,000 people.

The overwhelming majority of people in Northern Cyprus are Sunnis with a population composition of 98.71%-99%.
A minority of Orthodox Christians and Maronite Christians also live in this area.

Cyprus is one of the healthiest and best climates in the temperate Mediterranean regions and has hot and dry summers and mild Mediterranean and rainy winters. The average number of sunny days in this beautiful island is 320 days a year. The summer weather on this island lasts from mid-May to mid-October, and its mild and rainy winters last from December to February. Spring and autumn weather conditions also complement the shortening of the four seasons in this island. Below are some points of Cyprus weather by month of the year: December – January: Winter months of Cyprus. February-March: occasional rain, cool evenings and warm, sunny days April-May: pleasant heat during the day that cools off a bit at night July-August: hot summer months with clear skies. Cloudy with temperatures rising to 40 degrees Celsius September-October: hot days and cool evenings. November: sunny days with pleasant heat

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