The reason for increasing investment in North Cyprus

Forbes is one of the world’s top economic magazines in the field of financial, industrial, investment and sales articles, which is published in 27 languages in the world.
On February 5, 2021, this magazine published the best beach properties in the world to buy, with North Cyprus at the top of the list.
In this magazine, it is mentioned that Northern Cyprus is a safe and more affordable destination than its counterparts in France or Italy, with advanced tourism infrastructure, including casinos and luxury hotels.
According to this article, markets that provide good opportunities for rental investment attract the attention of many foreign investors to buy property in North Cyprus for an ideal investment in this country.
: About buying property in North Cyprus

Due to the high demand for buying real estate in the last few years, the price of real estate in Cyprus increases by 5-10% every 4 months, and on the other hand, due to the high competition between construction and real estate companies in the field of buying and selling real estate. The sale of units and projects is such that many reputable construction companies succeed in selling all their units within the first 2-3 months of the opening of their project. Therefore, if you decide to buy a property and invest in North Cyprus, you should decide to buy the desired property right away or make a reservation for 1 month and pay the remaining amount when signing the contract in Cyprus.

Do not have a long-term or 1-year plan to buy a property, because by then the prices of the properties will be very different and on the other hand, the price of the dollar and pound in Iran is increasing day by day, as a result of that. which you had calculated 1 year ago to buy a property will be very different from each other

Therefore, in order to be in this matter and not lose more and even make more profit and buy the desired property at a better price and conditions, start today and contact the experts of our company to buy property and get a residence in the fifth. Safe country of the world, take action.

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